Unbreakable indoor circular mirrors

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Modelis: 335-0100


HIGH IMPACT RESISTANCE interior convex mirrors . Circular shape. Anti-fragment acrylic material. VARIOUS SIZES. Easy installation. Fixing arms included.

Control: 2 directions. 

HIGH IMPACT RESISTANCE indoor convex mirror . Made with anti-fragment resins. Control: 2 directions. Includes flexo, plates, plugs and screws for placement. Depending on the distance from the observer, a different model should be used. The greater that distance, the greater the diameter of the mirror must be, to see clearly. See size table in product image. Very light and can be installed on plasterboard.

References available: 335-0100 / 335-0101 / 335-0102 / 335-0103 / 335-0104 / 335-0105

Wide range of convex mirrors for multiple solutions.
· Excellent optical quality
· Made with 100% virgin resin
· High reflectivity: 20% brighter than glass
· Anti-fragment
· Includes fixing elements for ceiling or wall.
· 2-way control.

They can be used in: Shops, supermarkets, hospitals, universities, factories or industries, loading docks, warehouses, office buildings, schools, museums, parking lots or parking lots, streets with dangerous crossings, corridors and landings of urban estates, elevator exits , housing estates, private exits from garages, fords, entrances and intersections in basements, areas with little or no visibility in basements and storage areas, etc.

1. THE DISTANCE. The effectiveness of the mirror depends on its measurement related to the distance between the observer and the mirror.
2. THE OPTICAL OR PUMPED. In addition, the number of addresses to be controlled must be taken into account: 2, 3 or 4 addresses.


Ø 300

Ø 400

Ø 500

Ø 600

Ø 700

Ø 800

Ø 900

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