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Speed ​​bumps (the so-called "sleeping policemen" or speed bumps) are specially designed elevations above the roadway designed to reduce the speed of vehicles. It is an essential safety feature in certain areas where transport moves. Speed ​​breakers are especially relevant near educational and residential areas - on the streets, in the courtyards of multi-storey buildings, where there is an active movement of residents. In the world, the speed reducer was used for the first time in the 20s of the last century in the USA, when the number of motorized vehicles increased rapidly.

The simplest - and the car crosses this embankment at high speed, the shock impact of the operation of the car's suspension, which creates the risk of further damage. In order to protect his car, the driver is forced to speed up before crossing the "sleeping policeman".

Our advantages:

  • excellent speed dampers made of rubber or PVC material from leading European quality manufacturers;
  • flexible price policy;
  • speed reducers are available both on-site and in our online store;
  • professional customer support, including consultations - both in person and online;
  • cooperation with certified assembly specialists;
  • responsive and customer-oriented team of employees.

Selection criteria for speed dampers:

Material - although in many places speed bumps are made from asphalt installation with roadway repair, speed bumps made of rubber or PVC material are increasingly being installed. The essential advantage of these materials is that rubber or PVC speed dampers can be easily adjusted to a specific roadway, they are light in weight and quick, simple assembly.
Construction – rubber and PVC speed dampers consist of separate, mutually reinforcing parts - one or two middle elements and two end elements. The surface of the silencers is formed by grooves, it is desirable to supplement the surface with reflective stickers.
Size - the length of the damper depends on the width of the roadway and their combination by connecting individual parts of the damper to the required length. The width of the silencer in the middle part is 500mm, in the place of the end element 250mm. The height depends on the intended place of use - there are three heights on offer: 30mm, 50mm and 70mm. Practice shows that such width and height parameters do not cause discomfort to the driver, passengers and do not damage the car suspension.
Color - speed dampers in the largest available combination of black with yellow, which is best seen from a distance. For better visibility of the protective wall, use reflective stickers.
Mounting elements – rubber or PVC material speed dampers are attached to the asphalt surface with mounting screws intended for concrete or asphalt. A special assembly glue is used to increase the safety of the screws.
It is important for speed damper assembly specialists, because during the installation, unevenness and defects of the road surface must be taken into account. In case of incorrect installation, damage can be caused to both the damper and the car crossing it.

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