Quarter of a sphere security mirror

Product code: 335-0330
Model: 335-0330
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Quarter of a sphere security mirror. These mirrors are useful to increase surveillance or safety within many locations. Ideal for warehouses or other areas with limited space and heavy traffic. They are particulariy suitable for retail locations including pharmacies and shops etc.

These super wide-angle mirrors offer outstanding image quality and provide supervisory capability in critical areas: e.g. in narrow passages, corridors and blind spots. Suitable for administrative buildings, hospitals, hotels, near lift entrances and checkouts in retail stores etc, where ease of monitoring is required.

  • Ultra light weight acrylic material
  • Mirror face protected under a tough clear acrylic layer
  • Internal use only
  • Can be screwed onto flat surfaces
  • 180 degree vision
Reference Viewing distance Sizes (mm) Material Uso
335-0330 6 metres Ø 600 Acrylic Interior
335-0331 10 metres Ø 800 Acrylic Interior

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