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Shows 1-12 from 12 products

Automatic barriers are one of the most popular and requested elements of territory equipment. Our company Consumo offers automatic barriers of various models and equipment, which will allow you to safely and effectively control the flow of vehicles on your territory.

Automatic barriers provide the following advantages:

  • ensures safe access to the territory;
  • helps regulate traffic flow;
  • helps to keep track of transport;
  • restricts the entry of unwanted transport into the territory;
  • combined with other access control systems (video surveillance, license plate recognition, etc.) significantly improves the security of the territory;
  • convenient use for both the territory manager and the incoming/outgoing transport;
  • provides effective time savings;
  • gives the area a modern look.

Types of automatic barriers:

  • Electromechanical automatic barriers - equipped with an electric motor, with the help of which the boom is raised and lowered. These models have a simple design and relatively low cost, they can be installed almost anywhere where there is electricity.
  • Electro-hydraulic automatic barriers - operate with a hydraulic drive, differ in silent operation and these barriers practically do not require maintenance. Although more expensive to purchase and install, these barriers rarely require repair.

The most important criteria for choosing barriers:

  • Equipment throughput – according to this criterion, barriers can have low, medium or high throughput, which directly depends on the traffic intensity in the specific area. If up to 100 transport units enter/exit the territory during the day, then automatic barriers for low throughput will be suitable here. Medium intensity is the flow of around 500 vehicles, and high intensity - from 1000 transport units per day. By choosing automatic barriers of inappropriate intensity, there is a risk that the equipment will soon have technical problems.
  • The length of the boom of the automatic barrier depends on the width of the driveway. If the boom is too short, two barriers will have to be installed. When choosing the length of the boom, one should also take into account the convenience of pedestrians, how easy and safe it will be to pass the boom, as well as the provision of electricity supply.
  • Types of automatic barrier control - remote with a remote control, but it requires an additional receiver and antenna. Remotely with a hands-free system - it is necessary that the car has a built-in system that itself gives a signal for opening and closing the barrier. Another way is contactless access with a special transmitter.

Important - To increase safety, it is recommended to install a warning light and safety photocells that prevent the boom from lowering if the vehicle stops under it. It is also recommended to put reflective stickers and rubber pads on the boom of the automatic barrier.

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