Security and surveillance mirrors

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Model: 335-0300
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Safety mirrors for road traffic and parking lots. Convex shape for 2-way visual control. They are the most used in public roads and in exits of parking lots or parking lots, garages, farms, farmhouses, warehouses, shops, points of sale in cash registers, etc.

Circular security and surveillance mirrors 2-way control

Our circular security and surveillance mirrors  are inexpensive, easy to install and of excellent quality. They are used for two-way visual control.

They are manufactured with 100% virgin premium quality acrylic materials. This material is also very light and has anti-shatter characteristics. They can be oriented in any direction through a flexible arm that comes with the mirror.

These security and surveillance mirrors  for 2-way visual control are ready to be fixed on walls, columns or ceilings, depending on the need for security. They are easy to install and plugs and screws must be used to fix them.

The safety mirrors and circular surveillance  are convex mirrors which, by the way, allow control of two or more visual points or directions. They are an excellent aid for the surveillance in shops, boxes, fight against theft, shops, large commercial areas, office buildings, corridors of urban estates, entrances and intersections in basements, exits of elevators and forklifts, access control, gates, car parks, areas with little or no visibility in basements, hospitals, universities, schools, museums, etc.

If moving machines and people coexist in the same space or place, such as forklifts, pallet trucks, etc., they minimize risks by facilitating movement within factories and warehouses, corridors, intersections. They also help the visual control of workers or customers in stores, premises or large surfaces.


335-0300. Distance to: 2 meters. Optics: Ø 300 mm. Acrylic material. - EUR 65.00 without VAT

335-0301. Distance to: 4 meters. Optics: Ø 400 mm. Acrylic material. - 74,00 EUR without VAT

335-0302. Distance to: 6 meters. Optics: Ø 500 mm. Acrylic material. - 80.00 eur without VAT

335-0303. Distance to: 8 meters. Optics: Ø 600 mm. Acrylic material. - 90.00 eur without VAT

335-0304. Distance to: 11 meters. Optics: Ø 700 mm. Acrylic material. - 115.00 eur without VAT

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