Half Sphere Mirror 360

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Indoor 360 Degree Full Dome Convex Mirrors or Half Sphere Convex Mirrors eliminate blind spots in warehouses, shops and offices, avoiding collisions at corners, intersections and aisles. Very bright, light and easy to install.

Half Sphere Mirror 360 - Full Dome Convex

The 360 degree viewing half sphere mirror is a full dome convex mirror or wide angle mirror. Provides unobstructed viewing of blind areas with multi-directional visual control. It helps to avoid or minimize costly personal and structural accidents, ensuring greater safety and protection. They are ideal for corridors, corners, shops, warehouses, department stores, factories, etc.

Half Sphere 360 ​​mirror offers a panoramic image of great brilliance. This contributes to the supervision of personnel, surveillance of machines and work areas. It also allows monitoring of production and control of internal traffic within closed areas.

They are made of a very light, anti-shatter 3mm thick acrylic material. When people and moving machines such as pallet trucks, forklifts, etc. coexist in the same space, mirrors help facilitate movement within factories and warehouses, corridors, intersections. In addition, they help the visual control of workers or customers in stores, premises or large surfaces.

The Media Sphere 360 mirror  convex dome full control multiple directions come ready to fix them. They can be placed on walls or ceilings, depending on the need for security. Fixing elements are not included as each installation is different. Depending on the place to install them, plugs and screws, chains and / or fine steel cables can be used.


Ref .: 335-0320 . Distance to the observer: 7 meters. Optic: Ø 600 mm.

Ref .: 335-0321 . Distance to the observer: 15 meters. Optic: Ø 800 mm.

Ref .: 335-0322 . Distance to the observer: 20 meters. Optic: Ø 1000 mm.

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