Forklift Mirrors

Preces kods: 335-0090
Modelis: 335-0090

The mirrors for forklifts and forklifts improve the visibility and maneuverability of the driver during the actions of loading, unloading and mobilizing materials in companies, acting as an indicator of dangers at crossings, exits with poor visibility, movements between shelves, etc.

Mirrors for forklift trucks and elevators

Mirrors for forklift trucks , elevators, reach trucks. It is a rear view mirror for industrial vehicles. Depending on the model, it can have a black frame to protect both the mirror and people from shocks, and also makes it more visible. They have excellent optical quality, are unbreakable and non-deformable. Perfect to be used in industries, logistics warehouses, etc. They are supplied with the necessary fixing elements.

The mirrors for forklift trucks improve the driver's visibility during the maneuvers of loading, unloading and moving materials in companies, acting as a signaling device at dangerous crossings, exits with poor visibility, movements between shelves, etc.

Accidents like this must be avoided at all costs:    Fatal forklift accident

Accidents like the one shown in the previous link are more common than we think. Especially reversing accidents, which is when the road driver has less visibility. The   mirrors for forklift trucks are a great help in preventing occupational risks and economic elements are of great help in driving.


Ref .: 335-0090 . Distance to the observer: 1 meter. Optic: 225 x 40 x 120 mm. Fixing with support.

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