Eighth sphere hall control mirrors

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Economical eighth sphere hemispherical mirrors and 2-way control. The eighth sphere corridor control mirrors are widely used to avoid collisions in ships, stretchers in hospitals in corridors, etc. Improves the effectiveness of surveillance cameras by 70%. Great optical quality.

Mirrors control corridors eighth sphere control 2 directions

The eighth sphere corridor control mirrors are designed for the control of 2 visual directions. They are made of top quality acrylic material. 100% virgin resin is used in its manufacture, which gives it a brilliance at least 20% greater than glass mirrors. It also brings you excellent optical quality, high quality and durability indoors. In case of breakage, they minimize personal injury by being anti-fragment.

These  eighth sphere hallway control mirrors  are convex mirrors that serve multiple signaling and safety needs. They are used for the control of 2 visual directions, that is, points of view between users and mirror. When people and moving machines such as pallet trucks, forklifts, etc. coexist in the same space, they facilitate movement within factories, warehouses, corridors and help the visual control of workers or customers in premises, shops or large surfaces.

The 8th sphere corridor control mirrors  for 2-way control come prepared to be fixed on ceilings, depending on the need for security. Fixing elements not included.


Ref .: 335-0340. Distance to the observer: 6 meters. Optic: Ø 600 mm.

Ref .: 335-0171. Distance to the observer: 6 meters. Optic: Ø 800 mm.

Ref .: 335-0341. Distance to the observer: 8 meters. Optic: Ø 800 mm.

Ref .: 335-0172. Distance to the observer: 10 meters. Optic: Ø 1150 mm.

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