Retractable Belt Barrier Stand – Chromed

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Retractable Belt Barriers offer an effective solution to managing queues and directing customers. They also help to facilitate a smooth and organized staff-to-client interaction process in banks, educational institutions, government agencies.

Our Retractable Belt Barriers are stylish, functional, safe & affordable and come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Each stand has a multi-directional belt cassette.  Min order quote is 2.

Our standard belt colors are red and black. Custom colours as well as printed messages & logos are also available on special request ( min order quote is 5 stands).

Technical Features
Dimensions: Height: 95 cm, Post diameter, and thickness: ∅ 63,5 x 1,5 mm
Base Diameter: 32 cm, Belt Length: 230 cm
Material: Chromed Grade  201 Stainless Steel
Weight:  10- 11 kg
Belt Color Options: Red, Black
Base construction: Integrated rubber floor protectors

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