Swing gate automation FAST (max leaf 3m)

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Automatic swing gate FAST with night lighting and application.

Electromechanical and very easy to install motor drive for swing gates. Sash width up to 3 m. Voltage 24V

LED lighting is built into the front part of the motor to illuminate the entrance of the gate and to be able to see the width of the passage of the gate.

High-quality technology materials that are resistant to various weather conditions. UV resistant plastic caps.

Extremely quiet mechanics protected by a durable curved aluminum body with powder coating.

Aligned front and rear mounting brackets for easy motor installation.

It is possible to unlock the gate mechanically with the gate remote control (you don't need the keys for that, which cannot be found when you need them the most).

Kit for swing gates up to 3 m, FASTLINE connected, 24 Vdc, 14A control unit, with NLS function. Included: 1x ECLIPSE, 1x FT33, 1x SUB44WR, 1x KUBE

Product code 900KRAY3024FEK
Speed 3,8 cm/s
Control unit 14AB2F
Nominal power 120 W
Max leaf weight 300 kg


Speed cm/s 3,8
90° Opening time s 10-15
Force N 1000
Duty cycle percentage % 80
Control unit   14AB2F
Voltage Vdc 24
Nominal current A 5
Nominal power W 120
Appliance isolation class   I
Degree of protection IP 44
Dimensions (L - D - H) mm 844 - 100 - 104
Item kg 18,65
Min operating temperature °C -20
Max operating temperature °C +55
Max leaf weight kg 300
Max leaf length m 3

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