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Shows 1-8 from 8 products

Automatic swing gates have long been no luxury, but a comfortable daily life solution for both private house owners and area and building managers. The most essential component of such a gate is gate automation, which will ensure how quickly, safely and conveniently the entire gate system will work. Our company Consumo offers a wide range of gate automation for various types of gates and their systems.

Gate automation includes many different solutions, so it is important to choose the most suitable one for your needs. In any case, the gate automation solution should be easy to install, long-lasting, functional and with simple maintenance.

Our advantages:

The latest generation, excellent quality gate automation for various needs;
Gate automation from leading manufacturers in Europe with appropriate certification and warranty;
Flexible price policy;
The product can be purchased both locally and in our online store;
Professional customer support, including consultations - both in person and online;
Cooperation with certified assembly specialists;
Responsive and customer-oriented team of employees.
Prerequisites for selection:

Gate width - it should be noted that gate automation is closely related to the maximum opening width. The wider the gate leaf, the more powerful motor is required. The gate automation offered by us is intended for gates with a leaf width of 2.5-5 meters.
Gate weight – here, not only the total weight of the gate structure is important, but also additional loads, such as wind load, must be taken into account. For example, if the weight of the gate is 100 kg, then the gate automation should be selected with a 4-5 times larger margin so that it can withstand a load of at least 600 kg. Thus, you will significantly save on engine maintenance and possible repairs in the future.
Operating intensity – this indicator characterizes one operating cycle of the automatically swinging gate. For the needs of private houses, it will be enough if the gate automation is at 30% intensity. This means that, for example, it takes 1-1.5 minutes to open the gate and then the gate must "rest" for 3-5 minutes. Accordingly, within one hour, it will be 10-15 times of opening, which is quite enough for a private house. In medium-sized objects, where, for example, the car park does not exceed 20 cars, gate automation with 50% intensity will be suitable. If the gate operation cycle is 1-1.5 minutes, then the "rest" will be shorter - 1.5-2 minutes. Accordingly, solutions with an intensity of 90-95% are offered for large objects.
Main parameters of gate automation:

Motor power – it should be appropriate for the size and weight of the gate. A gate automation that is not suitable for the specific operating conditions will not cope with the real load and technical problems will quickly arise.
Resistance to the weather and UV radiation – considering that the gate automation is exposed to the weather, it must be adequately protected against moisture, precipitation and UV radiation.
Quiet operation - gate automation should work practically inaudibly.
Lighting – an additional convenience that makes the width of the gate visible in the dark.
The possibility of unlocking the system – in case the power supply is interrupted, the gate must be opened and closed mechanically.
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